Monday, March 14, 2011

Unward & Upward

I travel to Portland for the first time tomorrow and then Seattle on Sunday. The hip or the hype, what will I find? Sitting now in Orange County I remember the disenchantment I felt last year after visiting most of the state and doing a little research. Yes the weather and aesthetics of California are among the best in the country, but LA is a nightmare. Who would ever want to live there? In Cali one is forced to move to the suburbs eventually and pay $500,000 (post-bubble) for a middle class home with crappy schools. Everyone runs around spending more money then they have trying to keep up with the Jones. I hope Portland will be at least one true shinning city upon a hill for America. 

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Zeightgeist Portland

Portland’s, what is its most preiminatant cultural phenomenom, is there one?. One Peter Lang wondered outloud, “is Portland experiencing a golden age?” There is hype galore orbiting Portland, causing one to wonder exactly what is happening there. Independent Film Channel has a new series “Portlandia”–a further development of the webased ”Thunderants” from the same troupe. The trailer to the IFC series began in hushed tones “there is this place…” I will let the reader guess where. The actors from NYC and Seattle discuss, while walking down an L.A. street, how the people bahave as if Al Gore won the election and Little Bush never existed.